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Rockpals Roll up Electronic Drum Set for Kids Review


Interested in getting your kids into drumming?  Well, then it might be worth having a lookat this starter set from Rockpals.

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Keep the noise down

Have your kids been nagging you to get them a drum set so they can sound like their favorite band? Well, that’s nothing new. Kids have been nagging their parents for drum sets for FOREVER, and it’s really down to you how you choose to approach the situation.

If your child is over 8-10 years old, then the likelihood is that this roll up drum set won’t contain their focus for too long. It’s made to be fairly simple, so that children of all ages can use it. Of course, you want to nurture your child’s talent, so we would advise you investing in a larger drum set if your child seems to be serious about taking up drumming as a hobby. Though we will warn you, it can be noisy!

And this is where the main advantage of the Rockpals Roll Up is. You can easily plug headphones into this roll up drum set, that will contain the majority of the noise that you chid creates whilst using the set. Of course, you’ll still get the noise of them beating the roll up drum set, but you really can’t help that. Even with far more expensive electronic drum sets, you have to expect some noise.

Maintain Portability

Probably the other most important aspect of this roll up drum set is its portability. With a large drum set, it is impossible to keep carrying it around with you everywhere (unless of course you are a rockstar!). So the portability of this roll up drum set is extremely important, especially if you are often on the move.

It’s also extremely small and rolls up, which means that it won’t take up significant space in your house or apartment. Whilst we love drumming in general, it has to be noted that it is probably the most frustrating instrument to carry around with you, and it takes a lot of time to disassemble and reassemble a drum set in its entirety.


Along with the 3.5mm audio jack that comes with this roll up drum set, it also has a host of other fantastic features that you are unlikely to be able to find in other roll up drum sets. It seems to combine a roll up drum set with some level of interactivity, making it a good choice for Juniors. We distinguish toddlers as 3 years olds and younger, and juniors as anywhere between 3-10. This would be an ideal set for anyone in the junior range, we feel.

It has a great deal of interactivity, with the opportunity to use it as a regular drum set, or if you link up this roll up drum set to a computer, then it has a great amount of games that you can play. This is fantastic for those looking to keep their juniors occupied.


Round Up


Included: Roll up drum set, Drumsticks, USB Cable, Audio Cable, Manual.
Playing time: Anywhere in the region of 10 hours (max)
Charging time: Between 2 and 3 hours
Price Scale: 3/10


  • Keep the kids quiet
  • Extremely convenient; easy to move around.
  • Available at a pretty reasonable price


  • Doesn’t provide ‘full’ drumming experience
  • Long charging time


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Whilst this would be a fantastic investment for a younger child, we’ll admit that it doesn’t provide the true experience of drumming. If you can afford to, we’d certainly advise that you invest in something larger with more longevity. But, if you think drumming may just be a passing phase in your child’s interest, then this would be a fantastic option.

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