Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set Review


Ludwig are the daddy of drum sets. So surely this Ludwig Accent 5 piece should blow the competitors out of the water right? Well..



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If you are looking for a safe bet when you’re buying your drum set, then Ludwig are possibly the best best for you. They are one of, if not the most prestigious brand when talking about percussion instruments. They have been around for over 100 years, and rose to the top of the percussion world when Beatles drummer Ringo Starr started using the brand back in the early 60’s. Since then, it has been an upward Journey for Ludwig as they have gone from strength to strength. They have solidified themselves as the brand to buy in the percussion world.

Of course, when buying the best, you usually have to pay a premium. This is no different with Ludwig, and you will pay a slightly higher price than some of the alternative. Is it worth it? Well, for most people yes. But, is it worth it to you? Well, maybe. That’s why we’ve created this short review to help you decide whether this is the correct drum set for you.

About the Product

You really can’t go wrong with a drum set from Ludwig. With this set, you are getting your standard five piece. This means that you’ll get;

Bass Drum: This is the big drum that sits in the middle of your drum set. You use a foot pedal to hit it, so it’s important you get a high quality bass drum and a high quality foot pedal. The bass drum that is part of this Ludwig 5 piece is 22″ x 16″. This is around the industry average for a bass drum.

Cymbals: The cymbals that come with this 5 piece are 13″ and 16″. With the crash cymbal being 16″, this is a fantastic size for a crash cymbal as you will be able to get a great sound out of it. Make sure you have the room though, as a 16″ crash cymbal is quite a bit bigger than a 14″ crash cymbal. They are measured by their diameter, so 2″ difference is actually quite a bit.

Price: This set is a great set for a beginner, though it might appear to be quite expensive. You are paying a bit extra for the Ludwig name, which is obviously recognized as being the best brand of percussion instruments.


The Brand: Ludwig is the most prestigious brand in the percussion industry. With an established brand, you don’t need to worry about build quality and whether your drum set will last.

Nice Finish: This drum set is finished really nice, with a gloss white finish. It is one of the most attractive drum sets that we’ve seen.

Super easy to assemble: This drum set comes with some really easy to follow instructions. It’s a good option if you want to buy this set for your children, as you can get them to set it up themselves!


Kinda expensive: This set is a bit more expensive than some of the other drum sets in our list. As we’ve said, you do pay a bit extra for the brand. In our eyes, it’s worth it though.


If you’re new to drumming and you’re looking for an established brand to invest in, stick with Ludwig. They are the most reliable percussion makers that’s around right now. In fact they have been for a long time. Their experience and longevity in the drumming world only adds to their credibility.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a drum set, then you’re best off sticking with a big brand like Ludwig. That way, you aren;t taking any risks with your product and you can trust their experience in the drumming world.

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