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LAGRIMA Black 22” 5 Piece Complete Drum Set Review


Finding a drum set isn’t as easy as just buying it online. You need to do your research and compare them. Saying this, is this LAGRIMA drum set as good as it’s competitors?


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Whilst LAGRIMA drum doesn’t hold the same prestigious name as some of the other drum sets around, this drum set certainly seems to be of the same quality. It is probably one of the cheapest options around if you are looking for a budget drum set. At this price, it may be the best money for quality option that you can find!

It isn’t often that you will find a quality drum set for the price. But, can it match the other drum sets in terms of quality? Well, that is what we are here to determine. It certainly has the right specifications to be a contender, that’s for sure. This drum set would make an ideal birthday gift fro a loved one, or if it’s getting close to Christmas, then you should consider this drum set as an option!

About the Product

This LAGRIMA set is your standard five piece drum set. It comes with five pieces, which include the three toms (two high and one floor) and the two main drums (the bass and the snare). When buying a five piece drum set, there are a few things that you’ll definitely need to take into consideration. These are;

Bass Drum: The bass drum for this set measures at 22″ x 16″. This is about the industry average for a bass drum, especially if you are a beginner. You won’t really find bass drums much smaller than this, as they will struggle to provide the same sound that a bass drum this size can. By investing in a decent sized bass drum now, you won’t have to reinvest in a larger bass drum in the future.

Cymbals: The cymbals for this set are 12″ for the hi-hat and 14″ for the crash cymbal. This is a good size for a crash cymbal, and you’re unlikely to need a crash cymbal any bigger than this one. The hi-hat at 12″ is round the perfect size for most people. Any bigger than this and you might have to compromise on space!

Price: The price of this set is around the cheapest that you’ll find for a full 5 piece drum set. Whilst you don’t get the name brand that you’ll get with other sets, you’re still getting a good quality drum set at an affordable price.


  • Quality: Although it doesn’t look like it is a particularly high quality drum set, it is actually very well made. There aren’t many other drum sets of this quality that you can get within this price range.
  • Ideal for kids: Although you can use this set as an adult, it’s pretty much perfect for kids of any age. Usually most drum sets have an age restriction of 3 years old, and this set is no different. Obviously your 3 year old child wouldn’t be capable of playing this set, but you should still watch out for the small pieces that are included in the set.
  • Affordable: This set is available at a pretty great price. You can’t find many better drum sets at this price.


  • Looks a bit cheap: Compared to some of the other drum sets available, this drum set might be lacking slightly in the finish department. It doesn’t have the same glossy finish that some other drum sets have. If this isn’t an issue for you, then this drum set would still be a great purchase.


Though you might not have heard of LAGRIMA, be sure that they are a good brand of drums that will last you a fair amount of time. Of course, they aren’t suitable for experts or people that are experienced in drumming. If you are a more experienced drummer, then there are plenty of other options around that would be better suited for you. But, these are great for beginners.

If you are looking for a good quality drum set for you or your children, then this LAGRIMA drum set would be a fantastic choice.


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