GP Percussion 5-Piece Junior Drum Set Review


GP Percussion are producing some of the best quality drum sets around. They’re made by professional drummers for professional drummers; usually. This junior dum set is aimed at those starting to learn to play the drums; can they produce their junior drum sets as well as they produce their professional ones?


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This GP Percussion 5-Piece Junior Drum Set is a great kit for any kid or beginner looking to make some noise or play the drums seriously. They are good quality and have impressive sound. Besides sounding amazing, they look awesome as well in this black finish. They are made to handle kids beating them constantly, and is overall a great product with a few minor flaws.

About the Product

The GP 5-Piece Junior Drum Set is a great drum kit for kids. It comes with everything needed to start drumming. This includes 2 stand-alone drums, a bass drum with 2 connected drums; drum sticks, cymbals, and a seat. The types of instruments are as follows: 1 kick pedal bass drum, 1 snare drum, 3 tom drums, 1 hi-hat cymbal, and 1 cymbal. It comes with everything a beginner needs to start drumming right away. These can even be tuned and come with a drum key and all the necessary hardware.. The drums have good sound and are a good small size for children.

This set is a sharp looking black color with the GP logo on the bass drum. It would look great in any music room or bedroom, as well as sound awesome. They are just like a smaller version of a professional drum kit. These drums are a great gift for any kid, especially one with musical aspirations. All kids love making noise, and drums are a great way to express this. They are good for kids interested in music as well because they have a good, true sound and produce music very similar in quality to professional drum sets. This set is the perfect size for kids, particularly ages 4-12 as they can be adjusted.

These drums also have the added bonus of being able to be used by an adult for road trips and such. They can fit in the drunk of a car easily to brought along similar to how a bass or guitar can be brought around to play on. The quality is evident with these drums, as they are pretty durable and can handle children pounding away on them for years.



Durability- This is a high quality set made to withstand all the rigors that come with being a drum set for children. It will surely hold up to your kid for a long time.

Sound- This set is made with care and the sound is very true on the drums. It truly sounds like a real drum set, not just a kids one.

Size- These drums are the perfect size for kids to learn on and grow with.

Ready to Play- This set comes with everything needed for your kid to start drumming right away. It has all the drums, cymbals, sticks, hardware, needed. It also comes with a throne.

Adjustable- All the pieces on this set can be adjusted to fit your child as he/she grows into needing it taller. It also comes with a drum key so your kid can mess with tuning the drums by making them tighter or looser.

Gift- This set can surely be the best present under the Christmas tree, or the best birthday present. Think of how happy any kid would be to receive a present specifically designed to make noise with.




Set Up- These drums can be a real pain to setup if you’re not experienced with drums or instruments in general as the instructions to set them up are not very clear and it may take a long time to set up.

Cymbals- Both the hi-hat and regular cymbals are of lesser quality than the rest of the set and do not have the best sound.

The only question to durability is the act that the pedal for the bass drum is fabric driven instead of train driven, which means it could eventually give out. Also, the cymbals aren’t of the highest quality and don’t sound quite too good. If you’re not experienced with drums and music, be wary, the instructions for putting this set together are not that clear and it may take awhile.



Overall, this GP Jr. Drum Set would make a great gift for any kid looking to just make noise, or who wants to start drumming seriously. This set comes with everything needed to begin drumming right away. They are made with care and are of high quality. This set also has very good sound and will last for a long time and drums are completely adjustable as well. They are the perfect size for kids overall though. The cymbals are the only part of this product lacking the standard of quality set forth by the rest of the set. These drums do look super sharp though. I would recommend this set to anybody looking for a great gift to a child, whether they just want or make noise or they have a love for music and drums.





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