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Gammon Percussion Full Size 5 Piece Drum Set Review


Whilst starting originally as a smaller, home based brand, Gammon Percussion have become extremely popular in recent years. How does their full size 5 piece hold out?

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If you’re looking for a reasonably priced drum set from one of the more popular brands in the drumming world right now, then this is it. Gammon Percussion have become one of the more established percussionists in recent years, though they come from humble beginnings. Starting as a small family based business, they have continued to follow this ethic throughout their life span. This is fantastic for the buyer, as they provide great customer service and high quality products.

This 5 piece is one of their most popular options. It is of a decent quality, and at its price it is a really solid investment. Although it may be the best for beginners, it is also suitable for those slightly more advanced. If you are more advanced, then there are many other options from Gammon which may be more suitable for your needs.


About the Product

As stated, this Gammon Percussion drum set is your standard five piece. This means that it comes with five different drums that make up the set. A five piece has;

  • the large bass drum in the centre that you use a pedal to hit.
  • Two high toms situated just above the bass drum. You’ll end up using these quite a bit.
  • The Snare drum, which is the bigger floor drum that sits just to the side of you. It’s important to get a good quality one of these, as you’ll end up using it quite a bit.
  • An additional tom, which sits on the other side to the snare. You won’t use this as much as the snare drum, but it’s still important to get one of a decent quality.

There are a few things that you need to consider when you purchase a drum set. These are the specifications of individual parts of the drum set. The most important parts to consider are;

Bass Drum: The bass drum for this set measures at 22″ x 14″. This is a pretty average size for a bass drum, and will suit most people.

Cymbals: The cymbals for this set are 12″ and 14″. This is about the industry average, though the 14″ crash cymbal might be considered to be a bit small for some people. This size difference won’t be enough to affect your drumming experience, though.

Price: This Gammon Percussion set is priced around the industry average for a good quality drum set. It’s pretty surprising that you can get a drum set of this quality for such a good price.


  • Chain Driven Pedals: The pedals on this Gammon Percussion drum set are built to be long lasting. By making them chain driven, this ensures that they will work well for a long time.
  • Quality: They are finished with a high gloss finish, which makes them appear and feel luxurious. Not only do they appear luxurious, they are made to a high quality as well. They will withstand a lot of drumming abuse. Though they aren’t professional drum sets and you will have to upgrade eventually, they are perfect for beginners and those learning to play the drums.
  • Value for money: At this price, you aren’t likely to find any other drum set that is this higher quality for this price.


  • Set up: The instructions that come with this model aren’t as easy to read as the instructions you receive with certain other drum sets. This won’t prove to be too much of an issue, though.


This Gammon Percussion drum set would be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to get into drumming. If you have no prior knowledge of drumming, then this would be a great set to start out on. Gammon Percussion are known to produce some of the most reliable, high quality products on the market at the moment. This set is no different, and you will likely be satisfied with your purchase.

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