Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit Review


Gammon have proved themselves to be a quality brand that have been producing some really great junior drum kits over the past few years. Is this 5 piece better than the competition?


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This Gammon Junior Starter Drum Kit is one of the top Junior drum kits on the market. They have great sound, are built with care, are extremely durable and come with everything needed to start drumming.

The Gammon Junior Starter Drum Kit is an excellent percussion set. This drum kits comes with everything your child needs to start drumming, it has a bass drum, a snare drum and stand, two tom drums, a mounted cymbal, a drum key, and drum sticks. It also comes with all the needed hardware and no extra pieces are needed to be bought for your child to start having with this amazing drum set. It is built masterfully and has true sounds, something not often found in Junior or Starter kits. The drums are built with extra care and sound almost identical to a real drum set, which is true of every drum in this set. It is obvious from the construction of this set that Gammon has a real passion for percussion and wants to help all kids become musicians.

About the Product

This is a very durable set and can stand up to young children playing on them a lot. This is especially helpful as these drums are recommended for kids 3-10 years old. Children love to play these drums and make noise, any kid would love to be able to bang on the Gammon Starter Kit all hours of the day. They are built very strongly and come with excellent hardware to keep all the pieces together and intact, regardless of how much they’re played with. Any child would love to receive this as a gift, drums are extremely fun and playing music has all kinds if benefits. It is proven that playing an instrument can improve math, problem solving, and science skills. Playing the drums is also good for your body and can help to build social skills. While this is an amazing product, it comes with some drawbacks. The cymbal can be a bit flimsy. The hi-hat cymbal is also not quite to the standard set by the rest of the stand. While these two pieces fall a bit short, they should hold up perfectly fine with normal drumming usage and can be counted on. These drums need to be assembled but come with clear instructions and should take you no more than 30 minutes to put together.



Sound; These drums have some of the best sounds for a Junior drum kit. They rival that of professional kits across the full range of drums.


Durability; These drums were surely built with a passion and deep understanding of how children play. They are extremely sturdy and can hold up to just about anything your kid will do to them.


Quality; Gammon built these drums with extreme quality that matches that of professional drums such as Yamaha.


Fun; All kids love making noise, and what better way to make noise then to play on the drums? These make an extremely fun way to spend time with your kid.


Gift; Maybe you don’t want all the noise in your house, that’s why these make a great gift because then you can see just how happy they’ll make a kid and not have to take Excedrin every night!



Cymbal; The included cymbal is a bit flimsy but should be able to hold up perfectly well for normal use. The only scary thing is extremely reckless or violent kids may break it off. The sound also is not as good compared to the rest of this set.


Hi-Hat Cymbal; The hi-hat cymbal has the same issues as the regular cymbal in that it is not as durable and good sounding compared to the rest of drum set.




The Gammon Starter Drum Kit is an awesome product for any kid, especially those interested in music or just making noise. If your kid wants drums, or you want to buy drums for a child, don’t go to Target or Toys R Us and buy toy drums, order these high-quality drums instead for a much better experience for the kid. They are built to a very high standard and are very durable overall. This is due in part to the high-quality hardware included with the set to hold all the pieces together.

The only parts that don’t quite live up to the standards set by this set are the cymbals, but Gammon offers replacement pieces. These are some of the best sounding junior drums on the market today. The snare, bass, and tom drums are all true to their sound and sound very similar to professional drum sets. These are a great Christmas or birthday gift and will most likely be the favorite gift of the child. Playing an instrument has been linked to improving math, science, and problem solving skills as well.

This product is surely recommended to anybody looking for a great gift for their young child!

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