Best Toddler Drum Set (1-3 Years)


Is your little one going through that phase of wanting to hit everything? Yep, they all got through that stage at some point. A good way to help them through this stage is by investing in the best toddler drum set or drum set style toy that they can use to hit. It’s better than them hitting you, right?

Getting the best toddler drum set is also important to help you child’s creative side. There’s research that shows that creativity is at it’s highest when children are at a young age, beginning from a baby with their peak of creativity whilst they are a junior. Unfortunately as we get older, our creativity dies down somewhat, which is a shame. This makes it even more important to indulge your toddler’s creative side whilst they’re little; the earlier the better!

Whilst it might not be a current priority to get your child new toys, it is of course something that should be considered. And, we’re here to help. Check out the table below for a comparison of the best toddler drum set available right now. And, keep reading for a more in depth look at the features of each drum set.

The Competitors

ModelAW Three Piece
VTech Kidibeats
Rockpals Roll UpApontus 11 Piece
Dimensions14.1 x 19 x 13.6 in3.9 x 12.1 x 11.5 inches21 x 17.5 x 5 inches2.36 x 17.32 x 11.02 in16.3 x 16 x 7.1 inches
ColorBlue, Black, Silver, RedBlueGreenBlackBlue


AW 3piece Child Drum Set 


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 If you’re looking for something that gives a good replicated experience of playing a real drum set, then this is as close that you’ll get for a toddler. While some of the other drum sets may be more suitable if you’re looking for something easily transportable and good to roll away, this will prepare your child well to move up to a larger size of drum set.

It includes a set of drumsticks, a drum throne, a pedal and even a cute little cymbal that we’re sure that your child will love. This really is the closest that you’ll get to giving a toddler the full drumming experience!

One of the drawbacks of getting this set for a younger child is that you’ll really have to take care of them whilst they are playing the drums. This means that they’ll need constant monitoring, as you’ll want to make sure that they don’t injure themselves with the drumsticks.With the drum throne being slightly high for a small child, if they’re really little you might want to start out with something simpler.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set


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Although this drum set is apparently aimed at children between 2-5, we think it’s ideal for any child between 1-3. If they’re towards the older end, then they might want something a little more entertaining. But, even for a smaller toddler who might not realise exactly what he’s doing, the joy of hitting a drum set and hearing funny noises makes this drum set ideal! Of course, it is up to your discretion if you wish to give this drum set to a younger child.

Getting the right drum set for your child can be very advantageous to their learning. This drum set has various different modes that you can use, including a follow-along mode that will be sure to sharpen your child’s memory. It also has a numbers and a letters mode, which is why we think it’s ideal for those younger toddlers who are learning their ABC’s.

It is only around 50cm wide, so it is good for saving space and will fit in easily with all of your child’s other toys. This would be a solid drum set for a smaller toddler who can keep his hands to himself.

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set


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Aimed at the younger toddler as opposed to a junior, this colorful drum set would be a perfect choice for any child that is fascinated by bright colors (aren’t they all?). It’s well documented that bright colors appeal to children in a totally different way than boring old regular colors do, so it would be a good choice to pick something vibrant like this if you want to maintain focus on their toys.

With it comes included two drumsticks for your child to beat the drums away until his/hers hearts content. It comes with a variety of different melodies, from quite simple to more advanced as your child gets a little older.

It’s extremely durable and won’t break after a few weeks use (as long as your children don’t destroy it!) due to the structure of the drum set. Whilst it might not be suitable for older children, it certainly would be a great option for any toddler who you think might benefit from a colorful drum set toy.


Rockpals Roll up Electronic Drum Set 


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Whilst you might think this drum set is too advanced for you little one, it’s a great set if they’re getting older and you’re looking for something that will last them a while. In an ideal world, you won’t be buying them a new drum set every year!

And whilst this doesn’t take on the form of a regular drum set, it has other positives that would make it a good option as a toddler drum set. Firstly, it’s easily transportable. It rolls up to a small size, meaning that if you’re regularly on the move, then this would be a good option. It includes two drumsticks, and has far more options than the other featured drum sets on the list.

That makes it ideal if you’re looking for a drum set that will last, as your child will not grow bored of the settings that this electronic drum set features. Is it too advanced for a 1 or 2 year old? Almost certainly, but they will soon grow into it, and in the meantime they can use it to enjoy beating it!

11pc Apontus Kids Drum Set 


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This 11 piece drum set is a good example of a drum set that closely replicates what it’s like to play the drums for real! If you’re serious about getting your child into playing the drums, or you want to get them started, then this drum set would be a really good option for you.

It comes in a dark navy blue, which may seem like it is targeted at boys, though little girls will enjoy this drum set too! It has a bass drum, pedal and drumsticks along with a sturdy drum throne, so your child will feel comfortable whilst playing the drums.

The only negative about this drum set that we can see is that it is fairly cheaply made, in accordance with its price. Whilst we prefer a higher quality of drum set for juniors and adults, if you’re getting this for a young toddler, that won’t matter too much.


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